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Semi-permanent eyebrows, which are often referred to as eyebrow tattoos, will last for around two to five years. They are an ideal alternative to drawing eyebrows on and are created using specialised dyes that are injected into the dermis. Most people who choose this procedure do so in order to achieve thicker and shaped brows without having to use temporary cosmetics. It is an ideal procedure for anybody who has over-plucked their eyebrows in the past and is popular among people who have alopecia or have lost their eyebrows due to a medical condition.

In regards to semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare, there are a few things that we will always recommend to ensure a healthy healing experience. See below to find out more about our semi-permanent eyebrow procedure along with our top recommendations when it comes to semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare.

What is the Procedure?

The procedure for semi-permanent eyebrows will be performed by a trained specialist. First of all, they will pre draw the eyebrow shape before carefully injecting the pigment into the skin using a thin needle. Since the procedure can be quite tedious and there is a lot of attention to detail needed to get your eyebrows just right, you can expect it to take around one hour for both eyebrows to be completed.

The pigment is injected into the dermis, which is the layer of skin between the epidermis and other tissues and muscles. The tattoos will gradually fade as the skin sheds dead cells and regenerates, which is why these tattoos will last for just a few years before you may need to have them topped up.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows Healing Stages:

1. Initial Healing (Days 1-7):

Right after the procedure, you might notice that your brows look darker than you anticipated, and there could be some slight scabbing and redness in the treated area. To ensure your brow transformation unfolds beautifully, it’s important to keep them clean and dry during this period. Steer clear of activities that make you sweat excessively, avoid swimming, and minimise water exposure. Remember, these temporary changes are part of the process that will lead to your stunning new look!

2. Flaking and Peeling (Days 7-14):

As you approach the end of the first week, it’s common to observe some flaking and peeling of the skin in the treated area. Rest assured, this is a natural and essential part of the healing process.

It’s important to exercise patience during this time and avoid the temptation to pick or scratch at those flakes. This patience is your pathway to achieving the flawless final outcome you’re looking forward to.

3. Settling of Colour (Days 14-21):

As this phase progresses, you’ll witness a gradual shedding of the uppermost skin layers, unveiling your semi-permanent eyebrows in a softer, more natural shade. This transformation reflects the artistry behind the procedure.

To preserve your newly enhanced brows, it’s important to shield them from excessive sun exposure, moisture, and abrasive skincare products. By giving your brows the care they deserve during this time, you’ll ensure they stay as stunning as they were on the day they were done.

4. Final Healing (Weeks 4-6):

After six weeks, your brows will be fully healed, revealing their true beauty. If you notice any imperfections or areas that need attention, don’t hesitate to schedule a follow-up with our technician. 

5. Touch-Up (4-8 weeks after the initial procedure):

We highly recommend a touch-up appointment, as it’s a great opportunity for you to enhance both the shape and colour of your semi-permanent eyebrows. This personalised session allows you to address any areas that may have uneven fading or require subtle adjustments.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Aftercare Top Tips:

There are a few different things you can do when it comes Semi permanent eyebrows aftercare, that will help your eyebrows last longer. See below for our expert recommendations.

Aftercare Recommendation 1: 

Once the procedure has finished, the area around your eyebrows may be swollen, sore, and red, which is normal. This will usually disappear within a few days, and good aftercare is needed to speed up recovery and make sure that you get the best results.

Aftercare Recommendation 2:

For one week after the procedure, you should apply a healing balm or cream that will be recommended to you by the specialist. Since your skin will be sensitive after the procedure, it is best to avoid applying makeup for at least five days following the treatment and keep the area clean and dry. 

Aftercare Recommendation 3:

As part of your semi permanent brows aftercare, you must avoid using any soaps and cleaners on the treated area and do not use any abrasive materials on the skin such as rough towels or exfoliating gloves. Avoid swimming, using sunbeds, or sunbathing.

Aftercare Recommendation 4:

Do not take any hot baths or use saunas or other heat treatments during the healing process. Your semi-permanent eyebrows can take up to ten days to heal. It’s normal for your semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare to include some scabbing. However, it’s important to avoid touching the scabs as they will fall off on their own. 

When to Top Up Your Semi Permanent Eyebrows:

Around 4-6 weeks following the procedure, you can schedule an appointment to check the shape and colour of your brows and top them up if needed. Proper semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare is essential to ensure they maintain their stunning look and longevity, which can extend from two to five years. Typically, you won’t require a top-up during this extended period.

Most clients will book to have their eyebrows topped up after they begin to fade or notice that they are using cosmetic makeup more often to fill in their brows. It’s worth booking a consultation for two years after your initial treatment to check your brows and determine when your top-up may be needed. 

Semi-permanent eyebrows aftercare

Ideal Candidates for Semi-Permanent Brows:

Semi-permanent eyebrows can be ideal for anybody; however, you may benefit from them more if you have particularly thin or light brows that you use temporary cosmetics to fill in on a regular basis. People with over-plucked brows, or people with alopecia or other medical conditions that cause hair loss can also benefit from this treatment. 

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