Hair line microblading

Hair Line Microblading

What Is Hair Line Microblading?

Hair microblading in the UK is one of the newest trends to fill in thinning hair lines and is suitable for men and women. What started as a cosmetic treatment to help create fuller eyebrows is now being used on the scalp too. Hair line microblading is a new technique that uses a hand tool to create natural hair strokes and shadow while implanting pigment underneath the skin. Whereas normal scalp tattooing is using the machine to create tiny micro dots to simulate hair follicles.

The female hair line microblading treatment works best in the hair line area. For most women the areas that needs filling in are the temples. The best candidate will be someone who’s hair is thinning and not completely bald as the tattoo needs to be slightly concealed by surrounding hair strands.

How Long Does Hairline Microblading Last?

The results of hair line microblading at our London clinic are immediate, and will gradually fade over time.

How Does It Work?

The technician will match up the pigment to the client’s natural hair colour and will use a few different shades to create an illusion of very fine natural looking hair strands. Up to 3 -4 sessions are recommended to achieve the best result. A top up every 12 months is recommended to keep the area looking fresh. You can apply a numbing cream before the procedure as some clients find the procedure slightly uncomfortable.

Microblading does not encourage new hair growth. Our hair line microblading treatment is not recommended for clients with advanced hair loss or alopecia on the scalp and would have better results with the scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Hairline microblading South London before and after

How Much Does Hair line Microblading Cost?

The cost of the hair line microblading in the UK depends of the size of the area that needs to be worked on.  Your technician will be charging you per hour, so it is essential to have a consultation to get the correct quote.

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