Semi permanent eyebrows - Make your semi permanent eyebrows last

How successful your semi-permanent eyebrows appointment turns out to be is largely based on what you do after the appointment. Once you have had the semi-permanent eyebrow procedure, there are certain things to do or avoid doing to make sure that they last as long as possible. Here are 10 ways to make your semi permanent eyebrows last.

Semi permanent eyebrows

10 Ways To Make Your Semi Permanent Eyebrows Last

1. Avoid Eyebrow Shaping

Any kind of tweezering or plucking will agitate the skin around your eyebrows. Before your appointment, avoid having your eyebrows waxed or threaded, and don’t shape them yourself with tweezers – they might be bushier than you normally like them, but you will have your eyebrows shaped to your liking during the procedure. After the treatment, avoid shaping during the healing process. 

2. Don’t Work Up a Sweat

It might be a good idea to schedule your rest days from the gym for when you get your semi-permanent eyebrows done. Avoid any intense workouts or strenuous exercise on the day of the treatment or while your eyebrows are healing since the sweat you produce can affect the pigment. Gentle exercise like walking is usually OK. 

3. Avoid Blood Thinning Meds

Small incisions are made in the epidermis during the procedure, and some bleeding is normal. You will bleed excessively if you take blood thinning medication within the forty-eight hours before your procedure. Avoid taking ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin E, vitamin A, or fish oil. 

4. Avoid Retinol Products

Retinol acids and other products can make your skin thinner or more sensitive. They increase the risk of bleeding and can cause your skin to be more susceptible to tears during treatment, which can impact pigment retention.  

5. Don’t Drink Alcohol for Two Days

Alcohol will cause your blood to thin, so you should avoid having an alcoholic drink for two days before and two days after your treatment. Even something with a low alcohol content could impact your healing, so it’s best to go completely tee-total. 

6. No Caffeine for a Day

Caffeine can also thin your blood and can make a huge difference to how well the pigment takes during the procedure. Because of this, it is best to forego your morning coffee on the day of the treatment. 

7. Keep Your Eyebrows Dry

After the semi-permanent eyebrow treatment, your skin will start healing. During the healing process, small scabs that contain pigment will start to form. Getting your eyebrows wet can cause scabs to fall off, which can lead to premature fading as the pigment has been taken away. Along with this, your skin may still be open from the procedure, so getting your eyebrows wet might expose the skin to bacteria. 

8. Don’t Pick at Scabs

As tempting as it might be if your brows start to get itchy, you shouldn’t scratch, pick, or tug at your brows while they are healing since this will cause the scabs to fall off too early and take pigment with them. 

9. Wait After Botox

If you get Botox treatments, then you should wait for two weeks at least before you go for a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment. This is because the Botox will need to settle before the process can be started. 

10. Avoid Getting Makeup On Your Eyebrows

Semi-permanent makeup leaves shallow cuts in the skin, so you will need to ensure that these remain free from bacteria in order for them to heal successfully and will make your semi permanent eyebrows last. Avoid wearing makeup while your eyebrows heal to keep the area clean and ensure that the pigments can successfully settle into the skin. 

Whether you’ve recently had a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure or have one booked, taking these steps before and after your procedure will make your semi permanent eyebrows last longer and will help you get great results that last as long as possible.

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