Discoloured lip correction

Lips are unique to the person and come in all sizes, shapes and colours. Discoloured lip correction treatments can often be a life-changing procedure for clients who would prefer their lips to look lighter and more even-toned. On the other hand, some clients opt for this procedure to get more colour coverage on their lips and define the vermilion border. The treatment is ideal for discoloured lips or cool, dark lips and uses colour correct pigmentation to neutralise the tone.

Dark Lip or Discoloured Lip Correction – How the Procedure Works:

The discoloured lip correction procedure usually requires at least two to three sessions to get the desired result. During the first session, a neutralising pigment is used to correct the cool tones in the lips. Blue hues are neutralised using an orange-based pigment and yellow is used to neutralise purple. This may take more than one session in order to get the correct base. During the final sessions, the target colour is applied to the lips. This is usually in the form of a red pigment that shows up on the lips as a softer pink.

Dark lip correction

How Does This Differ From Semi-Permanent Lip Makeup?

Unlike regular lip tattoo treatments, dark/discoloured lip correction is a highly specialised technique used to correct pigmentation in the lips and lighten darker lips. The procedure can result in a different lip colour or can be used to enhance the natural lip colour depending on the client’s preferences. It can also add more fullness and definition to the lips along with correcting any asymmetry. The results are customised for each client in order to ensure that the individual desired effect is achieved.

How to Prepare for a Procedure:

It’s important to attend a consultation where you will discuss the results that you’re hoping for and ensure that your lips are suitable for the treatment. You should let your technician know if you have hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation since this could affect the treatment.

Directly prior to your dark/discoloured lip correction appointment, you should avoid drinking anything or brushing your teeth. Do not wear any lipstick or apply anything to your lips beforehand. Avoid alcohol or caffeinated products for twenty-four hours before the treatment and do not take aspirin or other blood-thinning medications for five days beforehand. Advise your technician if you are currently taking any regular prescription medications.

After Care:

After your discoloured lip correction treatment, it’s important to follow the instructions given to you by your technician. You can expect the area to be a little swollen and uncomfortable, although this should subside within a few days.

Do not pick, scratch or rub the treated area if scabs begin to appear. Certain creams or balms may be used to help ease discomfort; your technician will advise on the best options. For the first four to eight hours following the procedure, you may find it helpful to apply an ice pack for ten to fifteen minutes at a time to help reduce any swelling and discomfort. Avoid using soap, cleansing products or makeup on the affected area for at least one week. 

Have a Perfect Lip Look

Discoloured lip correction treatments are a ground-breaking advanced technique designed to help you achieve the look that you want. If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch and book your consultation today.

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