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Going bald is usually never welcomed, especially if it’s premature. It can feel like a direct blow to your self-esteem, and if you’ve tried tons of recommended products and natural remedies and gotten nowhere, it can be hugely disappointing. Not to mention that hair transplant surgery can be quite expensive. Thankfully, scalp pigmentation is a safe and more affordable alternative to consider. In this blog, we’ll be giving an overview of the procedure along with the top 5 benefits of scalp pigmentation.

What is Scalp Pigmentation?

Scalp micro pigmentation is a treatment that is designed to look like a buzz haircut. It works in a similar way to a tattoo that covers your scalp to create the appearance of hair. It can be used to thin out a receding hairline, making thinning hair look fuller, or completely transform how a bald head looks. Unlike regular tattoos, scalp pigmentation targets the dermal layer, allowing it to withstand more wear and tear over time. 

What Happens During the Consultation Process?

The consultation period is to get an understanding of what results you would like to gain from your treatment. You will be guided through the process and given a full overview of your options to help you decide which style is the best for you before coming up with a plan. 

The Procedure Process Step By Step:

There will be an initial session to lay the foundation of your first look. Your scalp may be a little red after this treatment, which is normal and should subside quickly. Once this has healed, the second treatment is time to fill in more detail and go a shade darker compared to your initial session, allowing your treatment to really come to life. In some cases, a third procedure may be required if the client wishes to go darker. 

Scalp micropigmentation is an intricate procedure. It is a highly advanced cosmetic tattooing method that is unique in several different ways. It involves the use of specialised machines, equipment, and needles along with unique techniques to inject pigment into the scalp to create the appearance of hair follicles.  

After-care Options:

You should avoid exposure to the sun on your scalp for the first four days; wear a hat if you need to go outside. On the fifth day, you can expose the treated skin to the sun for up to one hour but bear in mind that less sun exposure leads to better long-term retention. Avoid washing or getting your scalp wet for four days after each treatment. 

Is Scalp Pigmentation Permanent?

Micropigmentation is considered to be semi-permanent, with effects that will last up to five years, however, they will fade over time due to the natural exfoliation of the skin. Fading may happen more quickly if you have very dry skin. 

Scalp pigmentation before and after

5 Benefits Of Scalp Pigmentation

See below for the main 5 benefits of scalp pigmentation:

  • Safe: The process is free of any chemicals that could lead to harmful side effects. Since it does not require any incisions either, the risk of getting an infection is non-existent with this process. 
  • Low Pain: Despite the treatments taking around four to five hours each, you should have a pain-free experience as a numbing cream will be applied beforehand.
  • Great Results: Unlike many of the other products that you may have tried and had no luck with for hair regrowth, scalp micropigmentation is a treatment that guarantees results. 
  • Low Maintenance: The procedure mimics naturally growing stubble, so you will never need to worry about hair products or styling. 
  • Affordable: Compared to buying expensive hair regrowth treatments or the cost of a hair transplant, scalp pigmentation is a relatively affordable procedure. 

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