Microblading is a new technique which gives a 3D hair stroke effect to the brows and enhance the features of the face. This treatment works well to fill in gaps, change your brow shape, add more volume and definition and is smudge free. If you want to look your best 24/7 and look younger microblading does wonders. 

We love this new technique – it looks like real hair.  It works really well for replacing brows.  We use a special microblading tool to draw on hair strokes one by one.

Microblading South London

Microlading FAQs

How Long Does The Microlading Procedure Work?

The treatment usually takes about 2 hours. We will first draw in your new shape with an eyebrow pencil and once you are completely happy with the result we will start your treatment.

How Much Is It?

This treatment will cost you £350, with the follow up once a year around £200.  We think that waking up every morning with perfect brows is well worth it.

Is Microblading Painful?

Some clients might feel a slight discomfort, but is relatively painless. 

Do I Need To Have Follow Up Treatment?

A follow up treatment in one month is required to get the best results. Your new set of brows will last for about 1 year. No special care is required after healing except for a brief touch up once a year.

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