Semi permanent makeup Earlsfield involves injecting pigment under the superficial layers of skin, to add definition and enhance the area. It is a popular treatment for lips and eyebrows, but it can be applied to other areas of the body as camouflage.

Why Choose Semi Permanent Makeup?

There are lots of benefits to a semi permanent makeup Earlsfield treatment. Unlike lipstick or brow kohl pencil, a semi-permanent makeup stays on 24/7 and you don’t need to waste time in the morning applying a full face of makeup. It’s also great for people that enjoy sports and in time, opting for semi-permanent makeup saves you money.

The Semi Permanent Makeup Treatments Annette Provides

Annette offers a number of semi permanent makeup treatments. These include:

Semi Permanent Lips

Semi permanent lip makeup can restore a lip line lost through aging, add more colour to pale lips, and make your lips look fuller. Her semi permanent lip blush treatment is very popular. Annette also offers semi permanent lip contour and dark lip correction treatments.

The three different lip techniques are:

  • Lip blush
  • Lip contour
  • Dark lip correction


Microblading adds more volume and definition to thin eyebrows. If your brows are looking a bit sparse because of the natural aging process or overplucking, microblading will restore them beautifully. Its also a good treatment for people who sweat a lot while doing sports. 

Semi Permanent Eyebrows

Semi permanent eyebrows are perfect if you need a little extra definition. Its ideal if your brows are the right shape but a bit thin.

Semi Permanent Eyeliner

 Are you fed up of adding eyeliner? If so, a semi permanent eyeliner treatment is the right one for you. It’s completely smudge-proof and won’t run if you rub your eyes or cry. It can also be effective for people that suffer from hair loss or trichotillomania.

Salt Saline Removal

Another semi permanent makeup Earlsfield treatment that Annette offers is salt saline removal, which is used to remove semi permanent makeup. Saline is injected under the skin, which breaks down the pigment so it can be flushed away by the body. 

Semi Permanent Scalp Pigmentation

If you are suffering from hair loss, semi permanent scalp pigmentation can help disguise thinner patches of hair by implanting fine dots that resemble hair. Annette can add realistic hair strokes along the hairline, in bald areas, or over a scar where hair is missing. 

Areola Tattooing

Areola tattooing can restore the areola after a mastectomy, enlarge a small areola, correct the shape or darken a pale areola. Annette is trained in advanced derma pigmentation, so she can achieve excellent results.

Camouflage Tattooing

If you have lost pigment in your skin due to scarring, skin grafts, self-harming, or other issues, camouflage tattooing is an ideal corrective solution that will help you have more confidence in your appearance. 

How Long Does Semi Permanent Makeup Last?

A semi permanent makeup Earlsfield treatment can last between 12 months and two years, but it depends on the individual. 

Semi Permanent Makeup Removal

If you would like a semi permanent makeup removed, this can be done using a salt saline treatment. It is very effective in most cases, but multiple sessions may be needed to achieve a complete removal. 

Semi permanent makeup reviews

Annette has many happy customers, all of whom have been delighted with the results of their semi permanent makeup Earlsfield treatments.

“Delighted with my new look from my lips, eye brows and eyeliner treatment. As a mature lady with loss of eyebrows this has created a new and younger appearance for me. A great experience, I was made to feel at ease and Annette’s skills were amazing.”

Angela Wilson

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