Semi-Permanent Eyeliner South London – Semi-permanent eyeliner is a new and popular form of semi-permanent makeup that gives you eyes that look amazing and saves you time on applying your makeup in the morning. If you are tired of doing your eyeliner every time you go out or get frustrated with eyeliner that never seems to look as good on one eye as it does on the other, this could be a great procedure for you.

Semi permanent eyeliner south london
Semi permanent eyeliner

What is the Procedure?

During the procedure for semi-permanent eyeliner, the technician will deposit pigment into the epidermis on your eyelid, which creates a perfect eyeliner effect along the lash line. It is also known as an eyeliner tattoo or permanent eyeliner. The result of the procedure is eyes that pop, without having to apply any makeup to them. The liner is free from smudges and can last up to three years depending on your aftercare, lifestyle, and health. The steps involved in the procedure include:

  1. Detailed measurements of your eyes will be taken with erasable ink so that you can see, adjust, and make sure that you are happy with the shape and placement beforehand. 
  2. You will consult with the technician about the best colour for you and choose the colour that you want. 
  3. The pigment will be applied to your eyelids in thin layers using a dotting technique. 
  4. During the first session, the colour will be applied cautiously, without overdoing it. This will give you a chance to make sure that you are happy with the colour as it settles in over the first two weeks. 
  5. After two weeks have passed, you will have the second session, where more colour will be added and the shape is fine-tuned. 

Who is this Procedure Suitable For?

Anybody can benefit from getting semi-permanent eyeliner. However, it is especially good for people who struggle with their morning routine or applying conventional makeup, such as people who are partially sighted or disabled. You may also benefit from this procedure if you struggle to keep your hands steady when applying eye makeup, or if you have a busy lifestyle and want to save time on getting ready in the morning or when you are going out. It is great for anybody who wants their eyes to look fresh and open at all times without having to apply makeup, and if you want eyeliner that’s completely waterproof and smudge-free for up to three years. 

Where in London is the Salon?

Annette Kemp offers semi-permanent eyeliner and a range of other semi-permanent makeup treatments including microblading and semi-permanent lips from a salon in South London. The salon is based at 1b Cowper Road in Wimbledon, Southwest London. It is located around one hour from King’s Cross St Pancras Station if you are travelling by car. If you’re taking public transport, you can get the tube to Colliers Wood Underground Station, which is around a ten-minute walk from the salon, or get the number 200 bus, which stops at Milton Road, a three-minute walk away. 

If you are interested in semi-permanent eyeliner or any other semi-permanent makeup procedure, get in touch with the salon today to chat with Annette about your options, what to expect, and how to prepare. 

If you can never get your eyeliner to look perfect or wish you could wear it more but just don’t have the time to apply it in the morning, then semi-permanent eyeliner could be an ideal procedure for you. It gives you perfect eyeliner that is waterproof and smudge-free for up to three years. Anybody can benefit from this procedure.

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