Eyebrows are very important. They frame the face and add extra symmetry. Perfectly shaped eyebrows can make a huge difference to how our faces look and if you’re not happy with your eyebrows, it will likely affect your self-confidence. Semi-permanent eyebrows can help men and women who are not happy with their eyebrows. Annette Kemp offers microblading Earlsfield at her London clinic for men and women.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a type of tattooing treatment, but unlike regular tattoos, it is only semi-permanent. Microblading creates the illusion of fuller eyebrows and can be very effective. If your eyebrows are looking a bit sparse or you don’t have any eyebrows left because of chemotherapy treatment or alopecia, a semi-permanent technique like microblading can make a huge difference to your self-confidence. 

A highly skilled expert like Annette Kemp can create virtually any look for her clients. Whether you want a light finish to complement pale brows or a bolder eyebrow for a more eye-catching look, Annette can help. 

Before our microblading Earlsfield treatment, a full consultation is needed so that you understand what to expect, and if you have any questions, these can be answered during this initial appointment.

Annette takes her time creating the right structure and uses an eyebrow pencil to draw an outline, until she has designed the right eyebrow shape for your facial features. Only once the customer is completely happy will she move on to the next step. Next, Annette will choose a colour that suits your skin tone and hair.

Before your microblading Earlsfield procedure can begin, the area is cleaned and numbed to minimise discomfort. Next, a microblading tool is used to draw fine hair strokes on the brow. These will look like actual hairs, so your eyebrows appear 100% natural. This is cosmetic artistry at its finest.

How Long Is The Microblading Procedure?

It can take up to 90 minutes for our microblading Earlsfield specialist to complete your microblading treatment. Any discomfort will be carefully controlled using additional pain relief. Aftercare advice will be provided but you can expect your eyebrows to look a bit red for a few hours following the treatment. The colour will appear darker initially, but this will fade after a week, once the area has fully healed. 

Our Microblading treatments typically last around 12 months, depending on sun exposure and skin type. For best results, an annual top-up of colour is needed. 

An initial microblading Earlsfield treatment with Annette will cost £350, with a one-year colour boost costing £200.

Benefits of Microblading

Microblading for men and women has lots of benefits. It can help save you time in your morning routine because you won’t need to touch up or shape your eyebrows. Because the treatment is semi-permanent, it is waterproof, and no upkeep is needed. This is ideal for busy people and those who enjoy sports like swimming. 

With an expert like Annette Kemp, you can achieve a completely natural look with microbladed eyebrows. It is also painless and highly effective.

Our microblading treatment is not suitable for everyone, and some people, such as those who are on blood thinning medication or pregnant will not be able to have the treatment. This is something that will be discussed at an initial consultation.

Microblading Earlsfield: For Men and Women

Annette offers microblading for men and women. Anyone with thin or non-existent eyebrows can benefit from our microblading Earlsfield treatment. If you want realistic-looking eyebrows that are long-lasting and beautiful, it is a treatment well worth having.

Microblading for men and women    Microblading Earlsfield

Annette’s Experience

Annette has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and is highly skilled at microblading and other treatments. You can rest assured that she won’t recommend a treatment if it’s not right for you. Book your Microblading Earlsfield consultation with Annette today to find out more.

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