Salt Saline Removal London Treatment

Salt saline removal is done with a cosmetic tattoo machine. We use a fine needle to deposit salt saline in the upper layer (epidermis) of the skin where the old tattoo is present. The salt saline remover slowly breaks down the old pigment and disposes of it through the scabbing after the treatment and lymph drainage system of the body.

Multiple sessions will be needed to completely remove your old microblading/permanent makeup depending on the density of the old pigment remaining in the skin.  After each session you can expect the treated area to be slightly lighter when healed.

If you are unhappy with your previously done semi permanent makeup, we recommend you to book a consultation so that we can discuss your options in more detail.  In most cases it is possible to correct your previous work.

Salt Saline Removal London - Before and after

Things To Remember Before Your Salt And Saline Removal Procedure:

–  Avoid sunbathing, waxing, skin peels around the area and laser treatments at least 2 weeks before your treatment.

– No alcohol, caffeine or blood thinning (for example aspirin) medicines 24 hours before your treatment.

–  Inflamed skin (around the treated area).

–  Area will be slightly bloody with a white residue because of the salt saline after treatment, so take this in consideration when you make your booking.

–  Do not discontinue any medication without your doctor’s consent.

– You cannot donate blood up to 6 months after your treatment.

– You have to pre numb the area yourself with a numbing cream before your treatment.

Consultation, Treatment & Aftercare:

Before Annette starts doing any cosmetic treatment she has an in depth consultation with her client. She offers expert pigment removal treatments, including salt saline removal in London, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. You will have the option for a patch test if you have any concerns of an allergic reaction. If not,  the procedure can be done on the same day if you sign a waiver for the patch test. 

You can expect  the treated  area to be slightly stingy as we inject and apply the salt saline remover in to the skin. The area will appear slightly bloody after the permanent makeup removal procedure.  This will disappear after about 1 – 2 days. 

During this time (1st week) it is recommended to avoid touching the area, use of cosmetic creams, sunbathing or wet the area. You will be a little bit more scabby and have more lymph fluid than the usual permanent makeup treatment. We recommend dry healing for this treatment.  You can clean the area with clean cotton wool and cooled boiled water once or twice a day.  It takes up to 7 -10 days for the scabs to heal and  4 – 6 weeks for the area to lighten and completely heal. We will book in your next salt saline removal appointment 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment.

Candidates Not Suitable For Salt Saline Removal:

– prone to keloid/hypo trophic scarring

– unhealed permanent makeup (at least 4 weeks after the initial treatment)

– permanent eyeliner

– persons under the age of 18 years

– pregnant or breastfeeding

– viral infections

– epilepsy

– treatment for acne in the last 12 months

– auto immune disorders

– chemotherapy treatment in the last 6 months (unless with doctor’s consent)

–  any medication that have blood thinning properties

– any person with a pacemaker, ICD or heart conditions

– skin inflammation around the treatment area

– hepatitis



A deposit refund for your salt saline removal appointment in London will only be provided if you provide a 48-hour notice. Cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice will result in a full charge for the treatment.

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