Are you tired of spending hours in front of the mirror perfecting your eyebrows or applying eyeliner? Our Semi Permanent Makeup Raynes Park procedure might just be a game changer for you. 

What is Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is a revolutionary beauty technique that allows you to wake up every day with flawlessly defined eyeliner, eyebrows, or lip colour. It involves applying pigments to the dermal layer of the skin, resulting in a long-lasting, natural-looking enhancement. Say yes to waking up in the morning feeling fresh, flawless, and ready to take on your day. 

Our Semi Permanent Makeup Raynes Park Treatments

Our studio in Raynes Park offers a wide range of treatments for semi permanent makeup Raynes Park tailored to your individual needs. With years of experience and a passion for enhancing natural beauty, we are committed to delivering exceptional results. Services include:

  • Microblading: A technique that creates realistic, hair-like strokes to shape and fill in sparse eyebrows. 
  • Eyeliner enhancement: Accentuate your eyes with expertly applied semi-permanent eyeliner. Choose from subtle lash line enhancement to more dramatic, winged styles. 
  • Lip blushing: Achieve beautifully tinted and defined lips with a fantastic lip blushing treatment. It enhances the shape and colour of your lips, giving you a natural and youthful appearance. 

Semi Permanent Makeup FAQs

1. Does Semi Permanent Makeup Hurt?

One common concern that people have when considering getting semi permanent makeup Raynes Park is ‘does semi-permanent makeup hurt?’. After all, pain is never a welcome experience! Rest assured that at our studio, your comfort is the top priority. A topical anaesthetic is used to minimise any discomfort during the treatment. Most clients report feeling only minimal sensation, if any, throughout the process. 

2. How Long Does Semi Permanent Makeup Last?

Another important question you may have is: ‘how long does semi-permanent makeup last?’. The longevity of your semi-permanent makeup treatment will vary depending on several factors, such as your skin tone, lifestyle, and aftercare. In general, you can expect your semi-permanent makeup to last anywhere from twelve to eighteen months before a top-up is recommended. To maintain optimal results, we recommend scheduling a touch-up session every 12-18 months. 

3. Is Semi Permanent Makeup Safe?

Yes! Semi-permanent makeup is safe when performed by a skilled, experienced professional like Annette. You can be assured that our semi permanent makeup Raynes Park studio adheres to the highest hygiene and safety standards, using sterile, disposable needles and pigments. Your health, safety, and satisfaction are the top priorities. 

4. How Long Does it Take?

How long you can expect your semi-permanent makeup procedure to last will depend on the specific treatment you choose and your individual requirements. On average, you can expect your Semi Permanent Makeup Raynes Park treatment to last around 2-3 hours, including the consultation, numbing, and the application of the pigments. We will take the time to understand your desires and make sure that you’re comfortable and happy throughout the process. 

Annette Kemp: An Expert You Can Trust

With a wealth of experience in the industry, we provide only the best semi-permanent makeup services. Our passion for perfection and artistic eye for detail make us the go to professional for clients seeking flawless results from semi-permanent makeup in South London. Here’s what some satisfied semi-permanent makeup Raynes Park clients have had to say:

“This is the first time I’ve had micro blading done and from the get go Annette made me feel welcome and was organised and professional. She took great care to explain the treatment and took time to get the shape of my eyebrows correct before actually going ahead with the treatment.

Annette did an amazing job on the visible scars I was left with after surgery. She is professional, passionate about her work. She is a genuine perfectionist and she is clear when communicating.”

“I wanted to get microblading done to enhance my natural brow shape and volume. From the consultation to the top-up appointment, Annette has been very professional and friendly. ”

Semi Permanent Make Up Raynes Park: Before and After Images

Browse through our gallery of before and after images to see the stunning transformations achieved with semi-permanent makeup. These images showcase the natural-looking results and enhanced features these treatments can achieve, restoring self-confidence and beauty. 

Semi permanent make up eyeliner in Raynes Park  Semi-Permanent Makeup Raynes Park - Semi permanent lips  Semi-permanent makeup - eyebrows

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