Semi permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique using tattoos to create designs that resemble makeup. Whether you’re after well-defined brows, perfect lip shading, or standout eyes, there’s a semi-permanent makeup New Malden treatment for you at our South London clinic.

Why Choose Semi Permanent Makeup?

Using our semi permanent makeup New Malden service will allow you to enjoy the elegance of perfect makeup every day.

Procedures can be tailored to your features and preferences, creating looks that complement your natural beauty and charm. It can boost your confidence, addressing specific concerns that might bother you, like sparse eyebrows or uneven lips. 

Semi permanent makeup is also smudge-proof, rain-proof, and tear-proof. 

Semi Permanent Makeup New Malden Treatments by Annette Kemp

Annette Kemp offers a variety of professional semi permanent makeup New Malden treatments, including:

1. Semi-Permanent Lips

Looking for fuller or more vibrant lips? Semi permanent makeup New Malden covers a range of lip techniques, including:

  • Semi permanent lip blush: Offers a soft, youthful blush to your lips. 
  • Semi permanent lip contour: Defines the shape of the lips and enhances the natural curve. 
  • Dark lip correction: A procedure used to correct uneven or darkened lips. 

Cost: Between £200-£400, depending on the treatment. 

2. Semi Permanent Eyebrows

With semi permanent eyebrows, you have a solution that brings symmetry, fullness, and style to your appearance. 

  • Microblading: A method that uses fine tattoo brush strokes to mimic natural hairs. 
  • Ombre/Powder brows: Provide a soft, filled-in appearance by implanting a fine powder mist in the upper layer of the skin. 
  • Combination Brows: A semi permanent eyebrows technique combining both microblading and ombre/powder brows. 

Costs: £350-£400

3. Semi Permanent Eyeliner

Define your eyes like never before with semi permanent eyeliner. Wake up with your eyes already beautifully defined and say goodbye to the daily struggle with liquid or pencil liners. Pigment is applied along the lash line using precise tattooing techniques that can be customised to your desires, whether you prefer a subtle lash-line enhancement or a dramatic cat-eye. 

Costs: £200-£300. 

4. Salt Saline Removal

Had semi permanent makeup gone wrong previously? You don’t have to wait it out! With salt saline removal, the old tattoo can be broken down and removed, ready for a new treatment or your natural look back. 

Costs: Please schedule a consultation with Annette to discuss your needs. 

5. Areola Tattooing 

Areola tattooing is a specialised semi permanent makeup service that restores the appearance of the areola, bringing symmetry and natural beauty to the breast. 

Costs: £200-£250

6. Camouflage Tattooing

This form of semi permanent makeup focuses on concealing scars, vitiligo, and other skin imperfections. A customised pigment matching your skin tone is used to dramatically reduce the appearance of imperfections and boost your confidence. 

Costs: Please schedule a consultation with Annette to discuss your needs.

Semi Permanent Makeup FAQs

  1. How long does semi permanent makeup last? You can expect your makeup to last up to 18 months, depending on the treatment. 
  2. Does it hurt? You may experience some discomfort, but the procedures are not painful. A numbing cream will be applied beforehand. 
  3. How long does it take? This can vary depending on the treatment you choose, but you can expect most treatments to last between 1-3 hours. 
  4. Can you remove it? Yes. If you want to remove your semi permanent makeup, salt saline removal is often possible. 

Semi Permanent Makeup New Malden Reviews

Annette Kemp is a renowned semi permanent makeup artist in New Malden, providing excellent service and exemplary results. With over twenty years of experience, Annette is dedicated to the art and passionate about helping people become more confident in their appearance. 

“Annette is brilliant; a master at semi-permanent make-up, you won’t find anyone better. She has a strong artistic eye for colours, shades and detail. I have been seeing Annette for a semi-perm lip liner and eyebrows for a number of years and always look forward to going.”

“Well what can I say; as a man that has had alopecia for 22 yrs and recently had to deal with the loss of my facial hair including my eyebrows, I have had a very low self esteem and confidence of late. That’s until I was given the recommendation of micro blading and pointed in the direction of Annette. Annette is first and foremost an artist and what she has done with the work she has provided to me is nothing short of amazing!”

“I cannot express how happy and delighted I am with the result. Anette is a perfectionist and a truly talented. thank you.”

Client Images

These before-and-after images showcase the transformative power of semi permanent makeup by Annette Kemp.

Semi-permanent makeup new malden - eyebrow image    Semi permanent makeup new malden - areola tattooing

Semi permanent make up - lips

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