Our semi permanent makeup London treatment options help to enhance your lips, eyes, and eyebrows, to add definition to the face. We offer a number of semi permanent makeup treatments here in London, including semi permanent lips, semi permanent eyeliner, semi permanent eyebrows and microblading, as well as salt saline removal.

semi permanent makeup London before and after

Semi Permanent Makeup London: Embracing Beauty, Minimizing Discomfort

The first thing most of our clients ask us is “Is semi permanent makeup painful?” It does differ from person to person, but the general answer is no.

Your practitioner will apply a topical anesthetic cream before starting a procedure. There might be a slight discomfort, but most clients feel nothing at all. Some clients describe it as a scratching feeling.

Expect a little bit of swelling around the treated areas. This will normally disappear within 2 days after treatment. We recommend taking an antiviral before a lip treatment.

Aftercare For Your Semi Permanent Makeup London Treatment

The aftercare for your semi permanent makeup London treatment is a very important step in the healing process.

It usually takes seven to ten days before the treated area is fully recovered after your semi permanent procedure. Immediately after the procedure there may be a very small amount of lymphatic fluid and blood so that the treated area resembles a graze.

At the end of your semi permanent makeup procedure here in London, we’ll provide you with a special healing cream to use as a moisturiser on the treated area. The area must be kept clean at all times during your healing time. Tiny scabs will form as the area starts to dry out. Do not pick or rub of these scabs and leave them to fall of naturally. If the scabs comes off prematurely, they will take the nouveau pigment with them which will give a slightly uneven result.

Colour Boost Treatment

We recommend a colour boost treatment 4 – 8 weeks after the original cosmetic tattooing treatment. Another 7 days of aftercare is needed for the second phase.

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