If you are interested in a makeup procedure that can last for some time without the need to reapply on a daily basis, then semi-permanent makeup might be an option that is appealing to you. Semi-permanent makeup is a type of tattoo, although it doesn’t last permanently, hence the name. Most of the time, you can get semi-permanent makeup, including semi-permanent eyebrows, that last for several months or even a couple of years with the right aftercare.

Correction of old tattoo on mature skin - Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Raynes Park

What are Semi-Permanent Eyebrows?

Semi-permanent eyebrows Raynes Park last for around two to five years. They are a great alternative to eyebrow tinting, pencilling, and other procedures as they are more permanent. This is done by injecting specialist dyes into the dermis to achieve thicker, fuller, and more shaped eyebrows without the need to use cosmetics for this. Semi-permanent eyebrows might be worth considering for you if you have very thin eyebrows naturally, or if you plucked your eyebrows too much in the past and they never fully grew back. 

What is the Procedure?

You can expect the procedure for semi-permanent eyebrows to last around one hour. The process includes:

Consultation: This first step gives you a chance to discuss what you want and your expectation for your brow, including the shape and the colour pigment. 

Preparation: Once you have decided on the right colour and shape for your brows, the next step is to have a numbing cream applied to the area. This will usually take around twenty minutes to start to work, although this can vary depending on the individual. 

The actual tattooing procedure using a fine needle will begin once the numbing cream is working. Depending on the style and how much pigment you need, this could take up to two hours. 

Aftercare: Finally, once you have had the procedure, the aftercare step can make a big difference in your final result. There may be some discomfort around the area for a couple of days as you heal, although with some mild scabbing and flaking. Avoid wearing makeup or getting your brows wet for the first week after the procedure and apply any cream or lotion that you are provided with. 

Services Provided and Location

Along with semi-permanent eyebrows, Annette provides a range of other semi-permanent makeup services. The salon is located in Wimbledon, Southwest London, and can easily be reached from the city centre by bus or tube. Other semi-permanent makeup services on offer include:

Semi-Permanent Lips: A great way to get lips that are youthful and fuller. Ageing often naturally leads to a decline in lip line definition, and a breakdown of the natural pigments which can make the lips more uneven. This procedure can be used to restore the lip line, creating more fullness. 

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner: This semi-permanent procedure is an ideal choice for anybody who wants to create the look that they are wearing eyeliner without actually having to apply it. It can be a great choice for people with busy lives who just want to wake up looking great without the need to apply certain makeup products. 

Microblading: Similar in many ways to semi-permanent eyebrows, microblading is also designed to fill in the eyebrows of those who may have them too sparse or thin. It is done by tattooing individual, natural-looking hair strokes onto the eyebrow, resulting in more volume and definition for an appearance that is more voluptuous and youthful. 

Whether you want to save more time in the morning without the need to do a full face of makeup or are hoping to give yourself a confidence boost with thicker, fuller, and more defined eyebrows, Annette can help you get the look you want.

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