Getting your eyebrows just right can be a time-consuming activity to do each day before facing your daily routine. It can sometimes be challenging to get your eyebrows perfect, which is why microblading is becoming more and more popular. Our Microblading Tooting service has been popular with our clients for some time, and there are lots of good reasons to consider it. Keep reading to learn more about some main microblading benefits and what to expect from the procedure.

Benefits Of Our Microblading Tooting Service

Many people choose microblading for the benefits. Some of the biggest benefits of our microblading in South London procedure include:

1. Save time and money: Microblading for men and women can help you save time and money. Once the procedure has been done, you can expect your eyebrows to stay that way for several months, so you don’t have to go for any further treatments or spend your time in the morning pencilling or adding other make.

 2. Waterproof: Another great benefit of microblading is that it is waterproof. Once you have gone through the  healing process, you can enjoy swimming, relaxing in a sauna, working out, and other activities without worrying about smudging your brows

3. Comfortable: The good news about the microblading treatment is that it’s not a painful one. Unlike tattooing, which can be quite a painful procedure, microblading is softer and often pain-free

Different Stages of Microblading

If you have decided to look for eyebrow microblading near me, it’s important to understand the different stages of the process including the microblading healing stages. 

1. Book and go for a consultation to discuss the kind of results that you want for your eyebrows, including your ideal shape, shade, and size. 

2. Before your appointment, you will be asked to confirm the shape, size, and shade of your brows. A numbing cream will be applied before beginning. 

3. Fine needles will be used to create tiny, hair-like strokes on your brows

Once your microblading Tooting procedure is over, you will need to be ready for the different healing stages. These include:

1. Redness and swelling: Your brows will likely look good immediately after your appointment, with textured dark lines that look just like regular brow hairs. However, there will be some redness, tenderness, and swelling. 

2. Itching and scabbing: You may notice some small scabbing, which usually looks like the strokes changing colour. You shouldn’t notice any flaky or crusty areas. This period should only last a couple of days. 

3. Fading: After eight or nine days, you may notice that your brows look grey, faded, or patchy. Thankfully, this will pass quickly. 

Annette’s Microblading Tooting Reviews

With twenty years’ experience working as a professional in the beauty industry, Annette has lots of glowing reviews in Tooting and has established a reputation as one of the best artists in London for microblading and other semi-permanent makeup procedures. Before your microblading Tooting procedure, you are welcome to look through the gallery to see the amazing results from microblading that Annette has achieved for her happy customers.

Microblading for men in Tooting         Microblading for women in Tooting

Annette’s Microblading Tooting Prices

It costs £350 for our eyebrow microblading Tooting service. This will include your initial consultation and the microblading procedure, and a top-up at 4-6 weeks. To keep your look going for longer, you can also book a one-year colour boost service with Annette for £200. This is recommended after twelve months to prevent your eyebrows from fading, as the pigment is not permanent. A deposit will be required to secure your booking. 

If you want to go into 2023 with better eyebrows, contact Annette to book your microblading Tooting consultation today.

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