Our dark lip neutralisation Raynes Park service is a specialist semi permanent lips treatment designed for those with cool or dark lips, to neutralise the darkness of the lips and reach the desired colour. During the process, your lips are first examined and then the original colour is cancelled out using pigment to neutralise them. 

Permanent lip liner and other lip colour treatments can also be used alongside dark lip neutralisation to improve the appearance of the lips in both women and men. 

Dark Lip Neutralisation Raynes Park

What are the Benefits of Dark Lip Neutralisation?

Dark lip neutralisation is a treatment option that can improve the appearance of the lips, making them appear fuller and more defined without the need for fillers or surgery. Along with this, dark lip neutralisation treatments can also be useful for restoring colour to pale or faded lips. 

The treatment is relatively quick and painless compared to other options like filler. Along with this, there is a more natural-looking result compared to the results you’d expect to get from alternative, surgical options. Aside from correcting the colour, dark lip neutralisation can also be used to define and emphasize the shape of the lips with a perfect outline and defined cupid’s bow. You can correct any unevenness in the shape of your lips, and balance lip symmetry. 

Different Stages of our Dark Lip Neutralisation Raynes Park Service:

If you want fuller, more defined lips and to remove any darkness in the colour, then dark lip neutralisation might be the ideal treatment option for you. There are several stages involved in the process of dark lip neutralization. These include:


Before your appointment for semi permanent lips South London, there are a few things that you should do to prepare to get the best results. Avoid any kind of blood thinner for 48 hours before your appointment including alcohol, coffee, some over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin, and some fish oils. For three days prior to your appointment, exfoliate your lips. 

You will have a consultation before the treatment is completed. It’s a good idea to have some personal goals for your lips in mind that you can bring to this appointment. You may want to bring in your favourite lipstick or lip gloss product to make it easier to match your lips to your desired colour. 

The Procedure

Our dark lip neutralisation Raynes Park procedure is quite similar to lip blush. It is a cosmetic tattoo procedure that uses permanent makeup to implant colour into the lips through ink deposits. The main difference between lip blush and dark lip neutralisation is that dark lip neutralisation is better suited for clients with darker or cooler lips. A top up session will usually be needed as the cosmetic tattoo area is small and located on the face. This is usually done a few weeks after the first session once your lips have fully healed from the initial procedure. 

Healing Process

After the session, your lip colour will appear brighter, and the colour will temporarily darken throughout the day due to oxidization of the pigment. Your lips may feel tender and swollen. The healing process can take between three and fourteen days. Once the healing process has finished, the swelling will go down and your lips may feel dry. It’s normal for your lips to flake at this point. Avoid biting or picking at them. As your lips heal, the lip colour will begin to gradually reappear. 

Our Dark Lip Neutralisation Raynes Park Prices

Dark Lip Neutralisation Raynes Park Prices

If you are looking for dark lip neutralisation near me, Annette Kemp offers a professional and reputable service. Prices vary depending on the type of treatment, from £100 to £400 per session including a top-up at four to six weeks after the first session.

Dark lip neutralisation is a treatment designed for darker or cooler lips. If you’re interested in this procedure, book a consultation with Annette to discuss your options today.

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