Semi-Permanent makeup for lips can be beneficial to all women. This treatment creates lasting fuller lips. It can transform thin or uneven lips by changing the shape and size and creating volume that gives a youthful look. A colour is selected from our Nouveau chart which ranges from a natural nude colour to any other colour you prefer. You can choose from lip liner, full lips to a soft blush. Semi permanent lip makeup can also help repair a cleft lip by creating an asymmetrical illusion.


Adding individual hair strokes with our special microblading technique will create a fuller, thicker, natural lasting effect. This procedure works well with people who have thin, little or no eyebrows. Semi-permanent eyebrows can also defy age by adding a lift to the brow. For the little bit more eyebrow try our colour mist treatment which gives the illusion of a coloured in brow. For a strong eyebrow we can do a combination of the microblading and colour mist eyebrow tattoo.


Choose from a selection of treatments in this category. From creating thicker, fuller eye lashes by adding tiny dots of pigment between each eyelash to a more bespoke defined semi permanent eyeliner. This eye treatment will enhance your facial appearance by creating bigger eyes and it is smudge free! The medical mineral nouveau pigment is the perfect solution for people with allergies to eye makeup.


  • Areola and nipple tattooing. Create the illusion of a natural breast after breast reconstruction. Breast tattoos gives back self confidence to many people after a mastectomy. A doctor's permission is required.
  • Vitiligo is a skin condition where white patches are visible on the skin/lips. Semi-permanent makeup can help fill in these light patches so that it blends into your own skin tone.
  • Reduce the appearance of scars by camouflaging the scarred area with your own natural pigment.
  • Scalp pigmentation for hair loss. By creating small dots you can create the illusion of a stubble full head of hair. We also use microblading to fill in receding hair lines. Tattooing for hair loss have change the lives of many of our male and female clients. Eyebrow/eyelash loss due to chemotherapy. Oncologists usually recommend semi-permanent makeup to patients to help boost their self esteem after their traumatic chemo experience. We can recreate the appearance of lashes and eyebrows to help give back the patient's self confidence. A doctor's permission is required.


  • Saline tattoo removal is very effective and will not destroy the natural pigment in your skin that laser treatments do. The most popular procedure we do is the eyebrow tattoo removal. This procedure is not recommended for permanent eyeliner removal. It might need more than one treatment to completely remove the tattoo.
  • Reduce stretch marks/cellulite with Collagen induction treatments. A few treatments will be necessary to see results.
  • Correction of semi-permanent makeup. Please contact us for advice on corrective treatments.
  • Repair a cleft lip by creating an asymmetrical illusion.


Cosmetic tattooing gives back self confidence to many people suffering from this disorder. It's a perfect solution for recreating the appearance of eyebrows with our microblading technique and lash lines with semi permanent eyeliner tattooing making small little dots to recreate eyelashes. Scalp micro pigmentation can create the illusion of a full head of hair. We also use microblading to fill in receding hair lines. It's life changing effect is something we cherish and we love to see the reaction of our clients after they see the end result.

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A refill treatment is only valid for 2 months after the original procedure.

A colour boost procedure is for 1 appointment only.
Minors are not allowed in the treatment room.

Cancer patients to provide a medical certificate before procedure.

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