Dark lip neutralisation Tooting can be used to correct uneven or dark lips, as well as add warmer tones to people with Asian and ethnic skin. The procedure is not suitable for everyone, but when done by an expert like Annette, it’s possible to achieve excellent results. 

An Overview of Dark Lip Neutralisation London

During a dark lip neutralisation Tooting procedure, Annette uses a neutralising pigment to correct cool tones in the lips. Orange is used to neutralise blue tones and yellow to neutralise purple tones because these are opposites on the colour wheel, and they cancel each other out. Once the target base colour has been achieved, a new colour is added, so the lips are a shade of soft pink. People with uneven skin tones will need a more complex treatment where darker tones are corrected, and lighter areas fleshed out with neutral tones. 

How Do I Know If I Need Lip Neutralisation?

Dark or uneven skin tones can be caused by a variety of things. People with Asian ethnicity have cooler skin tones, which is down to genetics. Sun exposure can cause uneven pigments in the skin, as can smoking and some medications. People with vitiligo and melasma may also develop dark spots on their lips.

  • Dark lip neutralisation is suitable for clients with darker or cool-toned skin that want a warmer tone on their lips.
  • Lip blushing is a great procedure for anyone who wants a more permanent lip colour. It is especially suitable for older people who have lost pigment in their lips due to the natural aging process. 
  • Lip correction is suitable for clients with uneven skin tones and darker spots on the lips, which can be caused by underlying medical conditions like vitiligo.

Lip blush and lip tint procedures cost £400, with colour boosts from £120 and a top-up after 4-6 weeks, 

Tips on How to Prepare for Lip Blushing London

Preparing for a lip neutralisation Tooting procedure is very important. There are some things you must not do before your appointment. These include avoiding waxing and laser treatments in the lip area for at least two weeks prior. You must also stop sunbathing, outside or in a tanning salon, for two weeks before the appointment. 

In the 24 hours before your dark lip neutralisation tooting appointment, avoid caffeine and alcohol, and don’t take any blood thinning medication like aspirin. 

Aftercare MUST DOs

Lip neutralisation and lip blush aftercare are very important. Your lips will likely feel sore and dry immediately after the treatment. They may also swell up. This is perfectly normal. Dab your lips in the first few hours, to remove any lymph secretions, and use a moisturising ointment recommended by Annette.

Do not rub or otherwise touch the area. This includes kissing!

Continue applying moisturising ointment for three days after treatment, to keep your lips nice and moist. Clean your lips after each meal, using water, and then reapply the moisturiser. Steer clear of very spicy and oily foods. 

Your lips will start to heal after four days. They will peel and the colour will lighten gradually. Do not be tempted to start picking at the skin, even if it feels dry and itchy.

After your dark lip neutralisation tooting procedure, your lips typically take up to six weeks to fully heal, and during that time, the colour will lighten and brighten. Keep them moist to ensure the best possible result. 

During the healing stage, stay away from hot baths, hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, and tanning salons. Avoid sports that will cause you to sweat heavily. 

Dark Lip Neutralisation Tooting: Before and After 

Dark lip neutralisation tooting_before and after  Dark lip neutralisation tooting_before and after_2

5 Star Google Reviews for Semi Permanent Lips

Annette has 66 five-star reviews on Google, which is indicative of how amazing her lip neutralisation treatments are. Why not book your dark lip neutralisation tooting consultation, so you can see for yourself?