If you have dark lips and are not happy with the colour, or they are unevenly toned, the good news is that there is a lip neutralisation procedure that will lighten and correct the colour. Our Dark lip neutralisation New Malden treatment is tricky but when carried out by a professional with a lot of experience, like Annette Kemp, the results are amazing. If you’d like to learn more about our semi permanent lip make up treatment, read on. 

Dark Lip Neutralisation New Malden
Dark Lip Neutralisation New Malden

Different stages of our Dark Lip Neutralisation New Malden Treatment

There are three main stages of our lip neutralisation service here in South London:

  1. Consultation. 
  2. The application of colour correction pigments.
  3. The application of lip colour in the desired shade.

How do you neutralise lips?

At your initial consultation, various questions will be asked to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Lip neutralisation is not suitable for everyone. People with skin that doesn’t heal well or anyone who gets dark spots after an injury won’t see good results. Our dark lip neutralisation New Malden treatment is also not suitable for pregnant ladies or nursing mothers. 

The next stage is when the colour neutralising pigments are applied to the lips. This is where the skill of the technician comes in, as some people have cool tones in their lips and others have warm tones. The trick is to pick the right pigments to lighten your existing lip colour. You may need more than one session to achieve the result you want. Each one will take place several weeks apart.

The final stage of the treatment is the application of new lip blush colour. This adds colour and fullness to your lips. The chosen colour is injected into the area. Ask Annette about her semi-permanent lips south London treatments to learn more.

Who is our Dark Lip Neutralisation New Malden service designed for?

People with darker lips don’t have the luxury of choosing any lip colour they like as lighter, pinker shades won’t show up as well. If you want pinker lips, then lip neutralisaiton is the treatment for you. 

A lip neutralisation treatment can also colour-correct lips with an uneven tone or dark patches. 

Is Lip Neutralisation safe?

When done by an experience professional like Annette Kemp, lip neutralisation is a very safe procedure, but like any aesthetic treatment, there are potential side effects. There is a risk of infection and allergic reaction if the equipment used is not cleaned properly or the treated area is not looked after. In addition, poor technique can lead to uneven shading and unsatisfactory colour. 

For these reasons, it is essential that any lip neutralisation treatment you have is only carried out by someone with a lot of experience.

How much is Dark Lip Neutralisation in New Malden?

Our lip neutralisation prices vary according to your individual requirements but you can expect to pay between £200 and £400. Annette will give you a more exact price after your initial consultation. 

Dark Lip Neutralisation New Malden Prices

Dark Lip Neutralisation Aftercare

Aftercare is very important if you elect to have a lip neutralisation treatment. Your lips will feel sore and there may be some swelling after the treatment. Discomfort and swelling can be alleviated with the application of an ice pack for 10-15 minutes at a time. Scabs may appear but don’t pick at them, or you could destroy all the hard work of your technician. 

Don’t wash the area with soap or cleansing products for at least one week after a treatment. Annette will advise you of any creams you can use to alleviate the discomfort following a lip neutralisation treatment. 

Dark Lip Correct Treatment Near Me

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