Lips come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. People with pale lips often want lips that are darker in colour whereas people with dark pigmented lips aspire to having lighter lips. Some clients also struggle with lips that are unevenly toned, which is where semi permanent lips can help. Our dark lip Neutralisation Earlsfield service is a permanent makeup correction procedure that can lighten darker coloured lips. It is done by carefully correcting the existing colour to cancel it out. This is a tricky procedure to get right and it takes someone with a lot of experience to achieve great results.

Annette Kemp is an experienced dark lip neutralisation Earlsfield specialist, so if you’d like to learn more about lip neutralization London, here is our quick guide. 

Dark Lip Neutralisation Earlsfield

How Do You Neutralise Dark Lips?

A lip neutralization London procedure uses semi permanent makeup lips tattooing to correct the existing colour. 

After a consultation has been completed, the next stage is a colour correction session. Two or more sessions may be needed to achieve the right result. 

Pigments containing titanium dioxide are typically used to lighten darker lips, but choosing the right pigments takes a lot of experience. For example, people with blue or purple tones in their lips need pigments that neutralise the cool tones and lighten them at the same time.

Once lips have been neutralised, a lip blush colour can be added in a preferred shade, so lips appear fuller and more colourful.

How To Prepare For Dark Lip Neutralisation

A consultation is essential before your dark lips neutralisation Earlsfield treatment. Dark lips neutralisation isn’t suitable for everyone. Some people with darker skin are more prone to hyperpigmentation. Trauma to the lips can cause more spots of darker pigment. During the pre-treatment consultation, you will be asked about how well your skin heals and whether it heals darker or lighter. Anyone prone to darker spots after an injury is not a good candidate for dark lip neutralisation Earlsfield. 

Pregnant or nursing mothers are not suitable candidates for lip neutralisation. It should also be avoided if you have cold sores or are taking blood thinning medication. 

Do not sunbathe or have any waxing or laser treatments done around your lips in the two weeks before the procedure. Don’t have any fillers or Botox done either. 

Dark Lip Neutralisation Benefits

Our dark lip neutralisation Earlsfield service is a great option if you have uneven lip tones. Once the procedure has healed, new lip tones can be added. The procedure can also be used to correct smokers’ lips, where black spots have appeared because of cigarette burns. 

Other problems, such as hormone disorders, reactions to certain medications, and hyperpigmentation can all cause dark lips. A dark lip neutralisation treatment will correct the colour and even out the tone.

Dark Lip Neutralisation Aftercare

Annette provides all her clients with detailed aftercare instructions, but it is advisable to apply an ice pack for the first 48-hours, to minimise pain and swelling. Don’t use any soap or cleansing products on the area for a week after the treatment. 

How Long Does Dark Lip Neutralisation Last?

After your dark lip neutralisation session, your lip colour will appear brighter, and the colour will temporarily darken throughout the day due to oxidization of the pigment. Your lips may feel tender and swollen. The healing process can take between three and fourteen days. Once the healing process has finished, the swelling will go down and your lips may feel dry. It’s normal for your lips to flake at this point. Avoid biting or picking at them. As your lips heal, the lip colour will begin to gradually reappear. 

Dark Lip Neutralisation Earlsfield Prices

Dark Lip Neutralisation Earlsfield

If you’re looking to have your Dark Lip Neutralisation done in Earlsfield, our prices vary from £200 – £400. Contact Annette for an exact price. If you’d like semi permanent lips South London, speak to Annette Kemp today.

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